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My first book is in!!!


At the heart of an unlikely relationship beats a very special friendship. The Memoirs of the Meerkat, based on the author’s real-life partnership, contains witty vignettes, snapshots, short stories, and pocket-sized allegories, collected over twenty years, as told by a ‘Meerkat’ who lives with his beloved ‘Koala’ in a treehouse. It is a strange, beguiling fantasy where human-like characters dwell in a quasi-post-apocalyptic world. But it is also a world made very familiar through the real-life affections and strains of two quite opposite creatures living together. For the ground-dwelling Meerkat is naturally sensitive to all things seen and unseen, leading to all sorts of curious adventures. While the tree-bound Koala, a mathematical genius, is at times oblivious to the unpleasant realities of life below, much to the Meerkat’s alarm. Dotted with magical illustrations, revelations and surprises, the reader journeys from a set of playful chapters towards the final entries which come to the edge of some of life’s most unanswerable questions. It’s a book for anyone who has ever wondered how opposites attract. Or even better, how ‘near enough is good enough’.

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Memoirs of the Meerkat
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